16 definitions by Matt b

A woman who talks in something other than sentences.
(referring to a crazy bag lady who just says "Coffeene!" or one of those so-called hot mamas saying "yo, yo" or something)

"That's one Coughing Aunt Sally, there"
by Matt b December 10, 2003
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A lanky person with an overly sized head and underly small penis
Me and John Suck-a-Bitch have dono's!
by Matt b June 8, 2003
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one who lacks any intellect,and who's sole purpose in life is to be laughed at
roger your are a freaking flinkel foo',pull up your pants!!
by Matt b April 5, 2004
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Peace the fuck out, use PTFO, instead of saying goodbye or see ya later. Mostly used online. Can also be used when angry
by Matt b May 6, 2005
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The practise of rubbing the end of your penis around the rim of someones cup or glass before they drink from it. Usually done to someone who has crossed you in some way.
The boss was a right bastard so I rimmed his cup, told everyone what I'd done, then we all sat and watched him drink his tea!
by Matt b January 27, 2004
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To trick someone into believing that a perfectly common household product, like salt or flour, is an illegal drug.
"Let's rintiddle Alex to help ease off his addiction to crack"
by Matt b December 10, 2003
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one who is skilled in the feild of fodeling a womens nipples.
god ur such a nippler
by Matt b April 17, 2003
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