1. To have something you ordered - delivered so far behind schedule, that it is no longer useful to you. Especially in cases where delays are 100+ days and the manufacturer or reseller is refusing to offer a refund for the goods.
2. Scammed
3. Completely fucked over

The term originates from the famous case in the Bitcoin community of longer than 1 year backlog of orders at Butterfly Labs, who have refused to refund their customers.
Damn, I think we're getting BFL'd

Be careful, you might get BFL'd
by bitcoiner September 09, 2013
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BFL is a short term meaning Blue For Landon (a popular YouTube star that passed due to suicide)
Did you see the BFL edit recently?
by Camandfamfan September 04, 2020
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The BFL Crew, originally from northeast heavily involved with the hardcore music scene. BFL started with founding member Todd C. who would eventually avoid prison by serving in the military. In its early years BFL was nothing more then a street crew that had little to do with the music scene, after some time however one of the original members Richie Krutch would form the band Krutch. Krutch would go on to be an early hardcore band within the northeast Pa. scene. They would eventually tour the world influencing others and meeting other people outside of their own area that would go on to be down with BFL. Other significant bands within the hardcore scene that are linked to BFL include Strength For A Reason, Fury Of V, Out To Win (Mushmouth), and even Knuckledust from London England. The size of the crew is unknown, but strongholds include, Pittsburgh and Northeast Pa. (Nanticoke/Stroudsburg).
by Jay One May 02, 2006
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One of the many scams of btc that the average btc retard couldn't figure out was an obvious scam.
The fact that BFL hasn't been busted proves how stupid and gullible btc users are.
Typical BTC user: "Oh man, bfl preorders! Let me pre-pay the entire $10,000 on these non-refundable items that don't currently exist!"

BFL: "Sorry morons...erm... loyal customers, we took all your money and used it to gamble while we take our sweet ass time to make as much money on your "pre-orders" before giving you worthless junk! Wait 6 months. But keep preordering, I need another ferrari for my wife."

Typical BTC user: "Man that's uncool, but this is the best thing in btc mining history so it's well worth the wait to be mega rich!"

People with brains: "I dunno guys, this seems pretty fucking scammy... You have no proof they are even going to ship!"

Typical BTC user: "Obvious fed/shill. Don't listen to that guy, he just wants us to cancel pre-orders so he can get his first!"

BFL: "Oh ya, and hey, if you want, you can buy our better non-existing product for some more money and your place in line!"

Typical BTC user: "Seems legit because its in btc, oh man how awesome! I better pre-order this new product because the last $10,000 product I bought hasn't shipped yet is now worthless! Let me get my check!"

BFL: "I love BTC users... they are so fucking stupid! Pass me that Ferrari brochure. Hey MTGox, you want some of this free retard-money?"

Mtgox: "Fuck ya, lol, I love free money!"

Typical BTC user: "Oh man btc is obviously so much better than USD! DERRRRRRRRRR"
by Not-a-moron-btc-user September 14, 2013
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Big Fat Loser. Taken literally it is a derogatory term. Refers to individuals who are overweight and under-employed. Figuratively, it is anyone who is acting stingy, selfish, lazy and/or is habitually single because of these characteristics.

Synonym: Chump
"Dude, Chuck went to Vegas with us but just watched TV all day and didn't even chip in on the Hotel. What a BFL."
by Darius Rex January 21, 2009
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Bro for life.

Only certified bros may use this term.
Jimmie your my BFL
by Anonymous3.83 July 05, 2011
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originally meant "Born Fucking Loser" someone who fails at life !
i was watching two and a half men while getting head from my girlfriend and accidently called her charlie.. damn im a BFL!
by CoreyDallaire March 18, 2011
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