On May 5 you bow down to the king/queen that was born on that day.
Jim( walks in classroom

Jim: dude what are y’all doing

Teacher: shhh, it’s May 5
Jim: why is everyone on the ground.
Teacher: security
by Kingloaf October 18, 2019
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May 5th is flip off that bitch who won’t stop being a bitch just because she hates your gut
Fuck you for being a bitch!! It’s May 5th and I’m finally telling you you’re a bitch🖕🖕🖕
by Oopsguessimmabitch April 30, 2021
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Appreciate every good person in your life day!
Tell all the people you love just how much you love and appreciate them.
Grandma it’s May 5 so I wanted to call you to tell you how much I love you.
by Your child April 13, 2019
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If you are born on this day, you are most likely the normal height for your age, with a lot of interests and talents. Your also funny, normally with a big friend group, and sometimes shy. Most of the time you hang out with other funny people. You love to try new things and are especially talented in the musical area.
Person: Hey what are you doing?
A person that was born on May 5: just trying new things!
Person: wow your really good at that! Did you just start doing that?
Person that was born on May 5: yeah!
by Person111222333444555 November 9, 2019
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It’s May 5 go up to your crush and ask for his hoodie🙃
Girl:”can I have your hoodie it’s may 5.”
by Cute girl555 October 31, 2019
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This is National Grumio day, you have to bring your biggest spoon everywhere you go to show your support to Grumio.
Omg its May 5! Time to get my spoon.
by Anti404 January 13, 2022
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When the best bad bich was born and it is the best cuz I was born AND that’s on PERIOD
Me im the bad bitch that was born on may 5 th thats on PERIODT
by Bad bich November 4, 2019
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