A dance movement made by a person by repeatedly slamming their foot down onto the ground, alternating between feet, whilst listening to psychedelic trance, psytrance.

This dance act is normally performed when a person is tripping out on psychedelics.
Ah dude! I can't wait to go stomping to some good forest psy again!
by wacky wookie January 04, 2012
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Stomping is the act of slamming your skateboard down from mid air with your feet preferably on the bolts of the board in a clean yet strong manner.
"Fuck Man have you seen codys 360 flips lately? He's stomping them"
by Bigboi420 December 03, 2015
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As a milf holding or walking with their little kid crosses your path, you perform a stomp and stomp. You stomp on the little kid with your foot, getting them out of the picture, then you stomp the mother, sexually.
"Look at that MILF!!! Oh no, she has her kid with her..."

"That's okay, I'll just stomp and stomp them"
by Gurryy September 15, 2011
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The act of throwing someone on the ground and stepping on the very hard over and over again. This is extremely painful. Only do this to people whom you don't like.
Don't get Martin mad, or he'll stomp you.
by B and K March 10, 2005
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To be getting beat up to the point where you're on the ground getting hit and you are no longer able to defend yourself
"Did you see Matt and James fight? James got stomped!"
"If Tyler keeps talking shit, hes gonna get stomped"
by dankman420 January 08, 2012
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A drug that has been weakened in potency by cutting with non-drug products. The same as Stepped On, Cut, Baby Food. Not my first choice.
I told you not to buy from that clown, his dopeis always stomped on and not worth the time to score.
by Gojai August 30, 2017
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(n) to get beat the fuckup. a good stomping usually involves a good ass beating first, then once the person is on the ground -- he gets STOMPED.
"that bitch got stomped so bad, she turned to wine" / KRS-one
by dj_quik May 03, 2006
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