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A dance movement made by a person by repeatedly slamming their foot down onto the ground, alternating between feet, whilst listening to psychedelic trance, psytrance.

This dance act is normally performed when a person is tripping out on psychedelics.
Ah dude! I can't wait to go stomping to some good forest psy again!
by wacky wookie January 04, 2012
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A sexual act involving inserting ones foot into an-others anus. In a vigorous repetitive motion.
Rhys loves stomping Sean vigorously in his ass
by twistanrogue November 13, 2011
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Stomping is the act of slamming your skateboard down from mid air with your feet preferably on the bolts of the board in a clean yet strong manner.
"Fuck Man have you seen codys 360 flips lately? He's stomping them"
by Bigboi420 March 09, 2016
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