22 definitions by masterofrpg

once you have been analy fucked, you have become anal-lysed
when phil anal-lysed lizzie, she spent hours cleaning up the mess
by masterofrpg March 12, 2004
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a random tarded looking kid who i named fromage boy because of the fromage on his face.
fromage boy covered ohil in french fromage
by masterofrpg March 10, 2004
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1.a homemade flavoured condom that is prone to splitting

2.a blow job that leaves your cock smelling vaguely of friut
-"when baxendale asked for a friutini, he didnt expect dale to pull down his trousers"
by masterofrpg February 18, 2004
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An english teacher with a void visa and a full set of tackle.
theres a rather big lump in Glynns trousers.......
by masterofrpg February 26, 2004
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