Is that penatrator?
He should penetrate me
by Connortheling May 14, 2014
the penetration train is when a bunch of gay dudes just stick there dicks in each others asses and walk around and make train noises
Dude I heard Tom is having a penatration train party.
Alex , henry , ben , james and tom penatrate eachother with rulers
henry shoved a ruler up bens ass, ruler penatration
by thefreak101 October 24, 2011
when a girl has a penis in her mouth, vagina and ass wile giving a blow job to a man on the toilet wile the man in the girls butt puts his penis in the girls ass like a hot dog bun wile a man squrits the girls vagina from a 2 foot distance that is illeagal in 30 states
also know as six guys, one girl, and a toilet.

super kinky triple penatrating steam boat aviating cream pie
by nipwhale69 November 4, 2011
When a woman or person gets fucked in all of her holes by 18.5 or more guys all at once
"DAMN!! Did you see that new Porn Hub video? This bitch got FUCKED by 23 and 1/2 GUYS!, That was Quantum Penatration!"

by cheesecakeofinsecure April 6, 2021