A word used when surprised in a not-so-pleased way.

Also used when frusterated.
"AGH my computer wont work"

"youre having a baby? agh..."
by xindulgedx March 7, 2004
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If You Are Referring to the Anti-Female Group See A.G.H
A.G.H For Life

Bro's Before Hoes.
by Auraithx January 2, 2005
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An acronym for Anything Goes Humour, a British team of joke writers unconstrained by boundaries on taste, decency, or political correctness.
Topical jokes on the net or you receive by text, there's a good chance it was written by an AGH member.
Keith Chegwin stole that joke from AGH.
by Fuxxake January 9, 2014
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an acronym for ain't gone happen or ain't gonna happen.

Man 1: Can we go outside and play?
RWC response: AGH
by nybigtymer March 14, 2008
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1). Hey have u seen my boyfriend??

Aint no telling where he is, hes AGH!

2). Why are u AGH!
by keyla D July 23, 2009
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I go to AGHS.. what? as if the first 3 words were not words!!
by sn0rnz December 11, 2004
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