24 definitions by martha

what Tony Montana calls yeyo and most people call cocaine.
I snorted the best perico last weekend.
by martha March 24, 2004
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female genitals
My boyfriends likes my chocha
by martha March 24, 2004
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phrase used as an answer to the question: "what time is it?" ...when you don't feel like checking or telling the person.
Me: "What time is it?"
Amanda: "Umm...Half past your mom? =| "
by martha July 06, 2005
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1. To act like your generation is better than any following.
2. To make fun of all music that was not originated in the 1960s.
3. To sporatically say wise, God-like statements.
Man: A Perfect Circle? What is this? It sucks!!
Girl: Stop your freaking beegin'!
by Martha March 19, 2003
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A store that sells a certain type of clothing. It cannot control the type of people that shop there. It's actually a pretty reliable place to get some good stuff. (in my opinion) It's not unorigional of course because it IS a popular store afterall. But is that really Hot Topics fault? I think people shouldn't insult such a thing. It's prices may be high but hey, everythings overpriced. Those bastards.
Poser #1: Hey guys, let's all go to hot topic because all the punks shop there!
Poser #2: Hey guys, let's all hate hot topic because all the posers shop there!
Normal Person #1: Hey guys, let's go to Hot Topic because i like the stuff they sell
Normal Person #2: Hey guys, let's not go to hot topic because i hate the stuff they sell.
by Martha May 27, 2004
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this word has many meanings:
1. a person who fucks mothers "i fucked your mom"
2. a bitch who fucks shit up "you broke it you mother fucker"
3. a word to emphisize somthing "you kicked the mother fuckin shit out of him"
4. a word to fill in blanks in a sentence "yo me and this mother fucker were chillin in this mother fuckin basement, you dig mother fucker?"

by martha June 18, 2006
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An exit interview is the conversation that you have with your boyfriend/girlfriend after you break up. During this conversation you set bounderies for future communication, and you discuss how good or bad the relationship was.
"It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasen't been real fun.." OR "You suck, beat it Corky.."
by martha May 03, 2004
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