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1. To show signs of acting like Isaac, especially in science-fiction areas, during everyday conversation.
2. The act of repeatedly impressing your friends with witty banter, much like an episode of Gilmore Girls or a person who is Kristerrific.
Oh, that Darvil cracks me up! He is so freaking Isaacishish!!
by martha March 19, 2003
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Los Angeles, California. Also L.A. or city of angels. A city that is filled with tragic people looking for money and fame, usually ending up in drugs or gangs. Most diverse city in U.S. especially with Latin-American people.
by martha March 25, 2004
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Everyone says preps always wear the same things but doesn't everyone? I mean, preps wear a lot of the same brands but so do punks, goths and well "thugs" if you will. Everyone does kind of look the same. The style and such. Nothing is truly individual. It does suck when everyone wears the same thing though...Like how "punk" became "in" that was irksome.
punk and/or goth: I'm so glad we're individual. Unlike all those preps. They just follow what's "in"
*punk walks in and is wearing the exact same outfit, hairstyle, wristbands etc"
punk and/or goth: NOOO!!!
by martha April 29, 2004
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phrase used as an answer to the question: "what time is it?" ...when you don't feel like checking or telling the person.
Me: "What time is it?"
Amanda: "Umm...Half past your mom? =| "
by martha July 7, 2005
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the best of the fifty states. we're the richest, the smartest, and we have the best location "between boston and new york."

even though there are some poor people hiding between the cracks of such rich towns as avon, westport, fairfield, and greenwich, whenever a connecticutian leaves the state they will be asked how rich they are.

a lot of new yorkers have second houses here. lots of famous people also have houses here, like 50 cent, paul newman, dave letterman, and whoopi goldberg.

everyone in connecticut pops their collar.
"where are you from?"


"oh so you're rich right?"

by martha March 5, 2005
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A strong form of Maryjuana. Chronic.
I smoked some good creepy last night.
by martha March 25, 2004
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1. To act like your generation is better than any following.
2. To make fun of all music that was not originated in the 1960s.
3. To sporatically say wise, God-like statements.
Man: A Perfect Circle? What is this? It sucks!!
Girl: Stop your freaking beegin'!
by martha March 19, 2003
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