Showing that one is completely serious.
Lindsay Lohan's performance in I Know Who Killed Me sucked; she couldn't say one thing with a straight face.
by dilary huff August 8, 2007
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when one goes beyond the point of rage and can only make a blank expression or "straight face" due to the severe silent fury building up inside them.
Dude: Hey dude what movie we going to see?

Bro: Predators

Dude: aw, can't we go see twilight eclipse insted?

Bro: (inhails deeply with blank expression while face turns blood red face) i just straight faced so hard i think i need to go to the hospital
by cqcBRO July 20, 2010
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The act of a male receiving oral intercourse whilst the giving partner does not use their hands in any way. Usually performed by woman with low self-confidence and no gag reflex.
Hey look! That girl Adrian knows is giving everybody straight face!!
by ballsdeep2786 November 12, 2008
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Meaning to keep a "striaght face"during conversation or any type of activity.
Let's ride out to Shawty's crib, I'll sho nuff straight face that bitch.
by Lady Raerae April 28, 2006
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Watching or reading something funny or entertaining without laughing or smiling.
Directioner watching a One Direction video without smiling, blushing, giggling, or laughing. "How are you straight-facing?!"

Anyone watching an ASPCA commercial without crying or frowning. "Dude, you're totally straight-facing."
by CrazyTalent April 11, 2013
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1. Used to describe someone's physical facial expression of seriousness

2. Used at the end of a statement to explain the seriousness of a situation
1. "Dude was posted on the block harbody straight-face yo"

2. "I couldn't even mess wit homegirl, she had sh*t on lock...Straight face yo"
by LaQuaisha Skeetolay March 8, 2006
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