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A west Indian slang for a slut,ho, a girl who has been around the block once or twice.
Look at she, dat a sketel yes.
by Marky June 29, 2003
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Modified coal used in steel making.
Coke is a black substance that you cannot snort.
by Marky April 29, 2003
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Chick magnet. Played by dudes to get girls 80% of the time.
"It doesn't matter what songs we sing. I'm a drummer. Chicks dig me." - Larry Mullen, Jr.
by Marky April 06, 2005
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A movie that has always sucked. Not because it has been over-quoted big-time, but because it has no plot or interesting dialogue whatsoever. The movie has no point, except maybe to top Pulp Fiction in being the most misquoted movie ever. The difference is, Pulp Fiction doesn't suck.
Trendy movie-going idiot, circa 1994: Ya know what they call a quater-pounder with cheese in France? OMGlollolz
Trendy movie-going idiot, circa 2004: Gosh! Freakin' idiot! OMGlollolz
by Marky March 01, 2005
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When fucking a midget, it's customary to bag the body, as opposed to the face of your standard busted chick.
- I popped that bitch into a grocery bag and fucked her like a toddler.
by Marky January 07, 2005
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A West Indian slang for a bitch, a gyal who run tings,keep her man in check,a gurl who got a man that loves her and don't step out. the bad bitch.
If your man cook and clean you a mashupper
by Marky June 29, 2003
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West Indian slang, for "oh shit". but it could also be an adjective which refers to a dirty person, a snitch or a slut.
She ratted yes
by Marky June 29, 2003
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