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A person (man or woman, just adjust by case) who lives and breathes because they want nothing more than to help others. Nothing brings him or her greater joy than improving the life of someone else either emotionally, morally, economically or socially. And nothing angers them more than seeing them mistreated or suffering.
Making money may bring them satisfaction, but it is almost never be the driving factor.
Person 1: Jenna is weird.
Person 2: Why do you say that?
Person 1: She had a pretty successful company and a revenue of about 500.000 dollars each year, but instead of keeping it, she donated 90% of it to charity and then became a politician in order to repeal laws that make it harder for low-income citizens to work. It's nice, but it sounds like a lot of stress for people she has no connection to.
Person 2: That's because she is a woman of the people. God put her here to save the little people with no voice for themselves.
by mancyclopediac January 21, 2019
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The Seventh Hokage. A hero, fighter, protector, lover, father and friend with a golden heart and an arm of stone. A role model to everyone and an example of not only what everyone should be, but what everyone must be.

Endured everything from snow mercenaries, snake maniac biologists, world domination-driven villains and evil gods. Faced them all with determination and a smile. Wasn't even scared. His brain was completely empty but his heart was always full of love for his dear ones, which is what propelled him.

Never give up is the most important lesson he ever taught anyone.
Person 1: You'll never become a successful singer! Not even on a small scale! Just give up and go to college already!
Person 2: Can I say something? Give up on trying to make me give up!

*Five years later*

Person 1: *Trying to find a job after getting a degree in psychology* Dude, it's been so long, how've you been?
Person 2: *Has a youtube channel with 1.5 million subscribers and makes about 10.000 dollars a month.
Person 1: I have failed... You're a real Naruto Uzumaki. You never gave up and achieved your dream... I have given up and have been crushed by everyone else's selfish desires because I didn't have the courage to pursue my own dream.
by mancyclopediac December 24, 2018
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When you are washing your hair and a drop of shampoo slips into your eye, giving you a burning sensation that prompts you to close it, cover it up with your palm and grunt in pain.

Taken from the Mangekyou Sharingan technique, amaterasu, which made both Sasuke and Itachi bleed from their eye and caused pain in it after its use.
Damn it, I was putting on shampoo and accidentally gave myself an amaterasu. Now my eye stings.
by mancyclopediac August 05, 2018
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The president who probably got the most hate in all of history, surpassed in modern days only by Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Is generally accused of being hitler in the flesh, despite never having murdered a single person, let alone a jewish one. Has done a few gross things in his life, but I am pretty sure you've done worse than him when you were in college at parties.
Guy 1: "Donald Trump is a racist genetically modified orange!"
Guy 2: "Do you actually believe that or do you just say it because it's the #1 trend in sensationalist media?"
by mancyclopediac June 18, 2017
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One of the most amazing composers on YouTube. He is finnish and makes themed music, like Pirate, Celtic, Viking, Cowboy and many other kinds of songs. Some of his most famous titles inclue "The Lone Wanderer" "Lords of Iron" and "To Valhalla!"

Will very likely be recording in history along with other great composers like Adrian von Ziegler, Derek and Brandon Fiechter and Peter Crowley as part of a new musical current that is not yet defined. Or perhaps even observed. Although it really should be.
I listened to Antti Martikainen on the way to school and it felt like I was cruising on a pirate ship while fighting a kraken with spears and guns in a pirate ship on a stormy sea.
by mancyclopediac January 17, 2019
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A condition where one feels the inexplicable urge to smoke, drink a certain type of alcohol or do a certain drug because of the main character(s) of a TV show they recently watched who use it recurrently throughout the story.

First observed in Peaky Blinders (hence the name) and the massive epidemic of YouTube comments of fans describing their ailment and the symptoms; most notably an impulsive need to light a cigarette alongside Tommy Shelby.
(YouTube comment #1)
Tommy: Lights a cigarette

(YouTube comment #2)
Me: Trying to quit smoking for 3 weeks now
*Watches the first episode of the show*
Me: Ah, shit. Here we go again.

Jake: (Watches Peaky Blinders)
Mike: Jake, since when did you start smoking?
Jake: I dunno, man. I've started waking up with a pack of cigarettes in my hand and randomly lighting up. I think I might have the Blinder's flu.
by mancyclopediac March 17, 2020
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A bitch collar is the end result of the fashionable goth accessory, the choker, which originally comes in many styles, from knitted thin plastic rods, to strap, to dog collar, being hijacked as a mainstream clothing accessory by basic bitches, normies or posers in one of three situations:

2. It's worn by a woman who isn't really a goth
3. It's worn with shorts and a white t-shirt.
1. Jesus, look at that basic girl wearing that pink bitch collar with a heart and a pink strap.
2. Donnie: Is Jane wearing a choker? I thought she wasn't goth.
Mike: She's not, it's just a bitch collar
3. Samantha: Wow, that choker looks real nice on you, Judy
Taylor: Are you shitting me?! Look at her!! She's wearing slutty shorts and a top so thin you could use it as plastic wrap!! You're supposed to wear it with a black outfit, you're disgracing goths all around the world!!
by mancyclopediac May 15, 2018
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