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n.Very chic person, as if has that arrived from paris airport, really.
This woman was a real mice mouthed among them, chic: Blonde and parisien.
by man!? May 09, 2017

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An exclamation, always for a nosy person, that is used before talking that one, about the event or events he has seen, expressing his there to be or not astonishment.
-Jesus! I was seeing that man in opposite apartment again opening the refrigerator's door to drink another bottle.
-Larry! hey! Sleep, watch that it is mid night! & you are nosy and I am not nosy!
by man!? May 06, 2017

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A warm mood of, or character of a person or the warmth of the belongings of a person.
A Partnership, was the heated house of Chris, that moment, in the day I saw first time his factory, but then he had dragged an ((I)), to his house!!!
He reached in house after, couldn,t, out the tiredness, turn on ,ever the cooler at all! Then therefore the house, has been kept closed hot.
by man!? April 09, 2017

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Our preferring issue or place, must be havin, the same adjective!
1-I,m in a/non-violent/ village born, now I again want to back to the same sort.
2- I,m telling having babies is not important first, my/non-violent/talk is to live with a spouse in, for some reasons peacefully.
by man!? August 31, 2018

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trusting on god
_You see usually that god on we are always trying and always winning, there when is god? _Yes!
by man!? June 15, 2018

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Some times when, a female that is earnest for a marriage is having this character, ugh! & with it if you see, that no man is able to marry her these days in!
I think, Julia, is a season now, that you should not talkative woman of yours become, since Dave is chilled about all disturbing and not gaining! women they mourn for they marriages even of same sort man, Dave,s, stop!
by man!? June 08, 2018

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a non welcoming friend
Shame has come, throw her a while out, Sam!
by man!? April 25, 2018

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