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The Deeks as only The Derby Dinning Center at Kansas State University can instigate
1. Holy dog, I got The Derby Deeks from D-Line, dude!

2. We gotta get back to Hay--I feel The Derby Deeks 'bout to drop!
by Mac March 14, 2003
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N: A Warcraft/SWG/Call of Duty player who has follows who worship his leg hair
N2: A follower of Makolyte
N: Makolyte just killed me.
N2: I am a Makolyte.
by Mac January 14, 2004
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When proceeded by "charles" it refers to the warm, juicy crevace between a female's legs, also known as a vagina.
Man, that charles dapun smelled like a britni danus buffet.
by Mac September 24, 2003
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extremely wasted, drunk, inebriated, tanked, sloshed, blasted
That choch is totally butt-housed. He won't be throwin the ball around like the boys tonight.
by Mac April 17, 2003
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hair tried to be worn attractively framing your face, but in reality, it looks like stringy carp hanging off your scalp
"Way to mess up your full-legnths"
by Mac November 01, 2003
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When preceded by the word "Charles", is used to refer to the anus of a girl in the fasttalk dialect. Plural: danii
Britni's danus is juicy, although excessively hairy.

If Varga had a child, their danii would be surrounded by a thick mat of fur.
by Mac August 11, 2003
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reference to testicles
did i tell you i went shopping at the music store? i didn't? well then, by all means...c-deez nutz.
by mac May 30, 2003
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