Weird growths stemming from the legs of humans. Can be shaved or grown out.
Griselda, come braid my leg hair!
by SisterHolgaer April 18, 2021
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the stringy & bashful black companions that stick it out to the very end of a fucked up presidency
Leroy: "Barack Obama is not that great of a president."

Carl: "Well at least his leg hairs will support him to the very end."
by Dr. Baconface January 30, 2009
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When putting on skinny jeans, your leg hair is swept upward. Then after taking your pants off, your leg hair are still pointing up.

Usually return to normal after an hour or two on their own or after a shower.

Sometimes painful
by Neon Ninja Kills You November 07, 2009
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Fucking nasty ass hair that grows on your legs and for some reason men think it’s like OK for them to have like whole ass guinea pigs on their legs, the fuck
Yo Jimmy’s got some nasty ass leg hair.

Yo Jimmy get those fucking guinea pigs off your leg
by Little maggot man September 26, 2020
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