when one is considerably intoxicated with ALCOHOL.
"5 cans of cider and you'll be singin m8"
by corpsio October 8, 2005
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a west of Scotland colloquialism for a cheap, fortified wine, usually Buckfast Tonic Wine. For some unknown reason, drinkers of "singin' ginger" want to befriend total strangers, not by attempting to have a conversation with them, but by singing incoherently. "Ginger" is another colloquialism used by the indigenous peoples of Glasgow. This refers to soft (carbonated) drinks, such as Barr's Irn Bru, and fortified wines are perceived as "grown-up's ginger". Hence, over-enthusiastic indulgence of alcohol causes the GINGER to make one want to sing.
See that wee alky bam?.. He's single-fished oan the singin' ginger!
by Singin' Ginger June 14, 2009
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particular species of homo sapien, noted for talents in love making and music, originating from belfast
by scagger February 12, 2005
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If you refer to other songs or the song itself, it's not this. This Singin' In The Rain refers to the 1952 musical film by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. Kelly stars as Don Lockwood and Debbie Reynolds as Kathy Selden. Don meets Kathy while escaping from his fans and suddenly fell in love on Kathy. Another character, Lina (played by Jean Hagen) has troubles with the sharp tune of her voice. Cosmo (played by Donald O'Connor) and Don decide to dub her, using Kathy's voice, to save her movie. The film received widespread acclaim and praised the performances. National Film Registry marks the film as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Gene Kelly's dance in the rain became iconic. Another film, A Clockwork Orange used the song by Gene Kelly.
"I'm singin' in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling and I'm happy again."
by streetnightshift March 11, 2021
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