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Just like other japanese pokemon names, the word Pikachu has a childish meaning from onomatopeic expressions such as girigiri and pikapika. Pika is taken from the sound of sparks or the effect of something being shiny. Chu is the sound a mouse makes as well as a kiss. Easy for children to remember and understand. Pikachu is an electric mouse pokemon, although he looks like a rabbit squirrel tiger with cockatiel cheeks. He popularized pokemon and is the main mascot of the show in the united states. Much more popular now that in japan as now japan has been taken over by battle beatles. Some people want him to die and some want to make love to him. I thought he was cute when I was 12.
Pikachu fainted. Let's eat him.
by m0u5y January 02, 2006
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Many thing including most of what is said above. A phenomenon unknown to the normal population and certainly unknown to those living in Japan, japanese or not. A very odd phenomenon since for some reason this doesn't happen with other languages such as Korean, Chinese, Italian etc..
Never have I heard or read someone saying, you should give me a lai hai, or anyon! im from korea! unless it was a joke between me and my international friends i met in japan and lived with for a year.
Seems pointless, or you speak a language or you don't. Most japanese people would be extremely confused at the use of this bastardization of the language, although they themselves bastardize english. It is a case of ignorance.
As students in Japan we found it to be very pointless and weird to start talking in Japanese to each other since everyone knew enough english to comunicate. Heck, not even the japanese want to speak japanese to foreigners, or anything for that matter. I showed one of my Japanese friends this kind of "slang" and they became very irritated at the misuse of their language.
Warning to all who try to use japanese... if you don't speak it perfectly, don't bother. I've spent 5 years, one of those in japan studying japanese and believe me... if you went to japan and actually interacted or tried to interact and realized how different it is from the way it is portrayed to you via cartoons and movies, you would stop speaking this Japanenglish stuff.
Unacceptable Japanglish sentence: huuun? what do mean I'm "chibi-er" than that character in Robotech?
Acceptabel Japanese sentence: naze minna wa kono japanenrishu wo tsukau nano? daikirai dakara... yamero!
by m0u5y January 02, 2006
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The evolution of the Japanese language in Japan as the influence of English has affected it's use in a slang-like manner. Although the japanese language had originally adopted words from english (ex. teburu, hanbaaga, okke), french (anime, pan), and german (arubaito) the newer generations began to use english words as a sort of slang changing the meaning entirely from the original english one. Memo wo shite iru no? Means to be emailing off a cellphone etc... the word memo has been adopted and changed. Most jpop songs now a days include a great amount of english as in the songs from Hirai Ken (hitomi wo tojite, my love forever) and Korean Singer Boa in Every heart. Many restaurants and stores are named after random english and non english words such as Gasuto (Although spelled Gusto, which should be pronounced as written, not Gasto) etc...
Japanengrish is a result of western influence on japanese youth.
by m0u5y January 02, 2006
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the worst baseball team I have ever witnessed. most of the time they had to time out for injuries as the pitcher would throw the ball and they would try to hit it with their heads.
No matter how much they sucked, all fans would yell out each individual player's name as they were up to the bat and systematically chant.
The hiroshima carps lost the game and I wasted my money for the train ticket up to Hiroshima City. Now I long to return to Saijou and cry.
by m0u5y January 02, 2006
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First of all Sicily is part of Italy and so is Sardegna...
for centuries there has been constant conflict between north and south and much hate, something you'll never see unless you're born there. Living there me and my parents had a 10 year lawsuit against the dishonest bastards who sold us the house saying we didn't pay, all because my AMERICAN dad didn't listen to my mother and thought that in Italy you don't sign contracts... idiot. Good thing the guys died. Although it is politically, economically, and sometimes morally screwed up, I'd rather die there from second hand smoke as I eat fresh fish (not from naples or you'll get hepatitis) and go to a decent restaurant than live in any other country that totally seems screwed up culturally, at least from my prospective. Only Sardegna has the best beaches of Italy, thus the famous coast where all the movie stars go... but that's not where I'd go, see, i know the secret beautiful green bottom seeing beaches... go to the wrong one and youll be swimming in suage and oil. Yeap... I haven't read all the ... id call comments not defenitions, its like some sort of stupid guestbook here, but I don't know if any People who actually live in italy posted since we have other things to do as trying to find a job or a husband or both.. or kill the right guy. Or learn french or something... never learned spanish in italy... oh and a warning... we (not including me, im special) are kinda racist and open about it... so any real italian going to america will get shot first time they open their mouth to make a comment bout the black guy over there or the asian chick... yep... we.. rock.

Andatevene tutti a fottervi figli di puttana troia maledetta... ficcatevi le dita in culo e mangiatevi la merda della fogna dopo averla lasciata nelle mutande di un morto per tre giorni e quattro notti! FOTTETEVI! BAIRINDI a STI STRONZI!
oh n btw

sono fiero di essere italiano/a... forgot the preposition
Ima italian and i can make a fun a the way americanz thinka italians talk cuz anyway we think thata americans talk with snot ina their brains cuza they sound lika they have tha cold when they a talking.
by m0u5y January 02, 2006
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Deriving from the french word dessin animé, meaning cartoon. Japaese adopted this term and used it in their language. Other examples of adaptation of foreign words into the Japanese language are "arubaito" meaning part-time job in german, and english words such as "terebi, baiku, teeburu". The proper english translation would be animation, or cartoon.
Kyou anime wo minagara, benkyou wo shitaindakedo, chotto urusainda.
by m0u5y January 04, 2006
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I will not repeat the obvious but give a personal experience of muslims and their religion. I have a friend from Malasya, she is muslim, and the sweetest girl I ever met. She wears her veil on her head and is proud of the purity she stands for. she discussed with me world peace and she is nothing but a loving caring person. she works her rear off to send money back to her family and studies hard to do so. she has no selfish bone in her body and still knows how to have fun. she doesn't eat meat and we always prepared meat free foods for her as well as other americans in the group who didnt eat meat. she is open minded, kind, shares everything, and tries so hard to adapt to being with foreigners as well as keeping up her religious routine.
My friend is a muslim and I wish there were more people like her.
by m0u5y January 02, 2006
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