in italian means a woman who sells her body for a little money...
sometimes just for pleasure
in english "whore" or "bitch"
si' peg' ke i puttan!= u r worse than a bitch!
by monkey May 22, 2004
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The Italian term for "slut" or "whore".
Shut up, you stupid puttana.

In Italian,

"Tu sei una puttana!" - You are a whore.
by Jenny Visconti September 27, 2003
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1. whore in italian
2. the puttana inn, nice lodging with very friendly people
person 1:Dang, heather got paid for that bj!

person 2:She is a puttana, jeffe.
by sturterke November 11, 2007
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Madonna Puttana is an useful italian expression.
It may assume several meaning depending on the situation.
The origin of the exclamation come from the beginning of times, where Madonna got pregnant by the Mule and not from Giuseppe, her husband, who was the first to say 'Madonna Puttana'

moeghea madonna puttana !
Please shut up!

ehh madonna puttana !
What have you done?

Varda madonna puttana !
I did know it! It happened.

ehh Madonna (stra)puttana dio can!
We have (serious) trouble.

Chi xe sta? A madonna puttana ?
Who did it? It wasn't you, was you?
madonna puttana

by CCqq October 04, 2008
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tu sei una brutta sporca puttana.(you are an ugly dirty prostitute)
by malcolm June 02, 2004
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''Puttana la madonna'' is an italian exclamation, it means ''The Virgin Mary is a Bitch''.
Italians usually say it when they are angry.
Puttana la madonna, mi è caduta la sigaretta!

Porco dio e puttana la madonna, sono incazzatissimo!
by porcodiobastardorottoinculo October 09, 2010
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