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A guy who will do whatever it takes to get a girl, including simping. However, even though the boys may make fun of another boy for being a simp, it does a success rate of 100.
Luke: Your so beautiful, i just want to cuddle all day with you because your perfect.
Casey: Aww your so cute.

(Lukes mates): HAHAHAHA simp
by lopsided cucumber April 15, 2020

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A form of money in the virtual game of "Roblox". They can be purchased via app stores and also in the game. This form of money can be used to purchase clothes, hair, glasses and game passes, all within the game. They can also be used to purchase the "Roblox" game, "Bloxburg".
Kate: You NEED to purchase robux! You should join me.
Zoe: Ok! Is Bloxburg that good?
Kate: Yeah!
by lopsided cucumber July 15, 2019

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"wya" is an abbreviation used by kids and teenagers as a short way of asking where someone is.
Bella: wya girl
Nikki: In the kitchen
Caity: Same here Bella
by lopsided cucumber May 05, 2019

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Someone who is injured or disabled in any shape, way or form. Usually need crutches, wheelchair or walking stick to walk, or sometimes just has a slight limp to their walk.
Bella: Hi, what happened to your leg?
Nikki: I broke it!
Caity: So you're a cripple!

Bella: Get well soon!
by lopsided cucumber May 05, 2019

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An abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud, or a nickname for someone named Lola.
Bella: Hey Lol
Lola: Hey Bella, Lol your hair is funny today
by lopsided cucumber May 21, 2019

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The green heart emoji (💚) is the heart that represents friendship. Green is nobodies favourite colour and therefore it does not represent love (romantic) but love (friendship). When the green heart is sent, the receiver knows for sure that the sender is just their friend and vice versa.
Luke: Hey, we can't send hearts anymore because my girlfriend is sus :(
Bridget: Don't be silly luke, just tell her they're only green hearts
Luke: Oh yeah! If I tell her we only send green hearts she'll know we're just friends, because the green heart emoji is the friendship heart!
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by lopsided cucumber July 18, 2020

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Used amongst friends to say hi and is usually used at the end of a sentence 'just because'.
Bella: Easy win bruh
Nikki: Yeah ma bruh
Caity: Yeah boi
Bella and Nikki: ......
by lopsided cucumber June 10, 2019

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