Girlfriend: Wya

Boyfriend: Uhh.. Friend house
by LolaBunni February 13, 2012
"wya" is an abbreviation used by kids and teenagers as a short way of asking where someone is.
Bella: wya girl
Nikki: In the kitchen
Caity: Same here Bella
by lopsided cucumber May 6, 2019
Means “where you at?”, but also often has a deeper meaning that implies a girl is horny and waiting when texted to someone she’s interested in/dating/humping. If texted to her friend, it just means “where you at?”.
John: *sends dick pick*
Sarah: mmmm... wya?
John: otw
by Hey Travis Bickle May 28, 2019
Short for wordWoopin Yo Assword.
Wow! WYA is so good!
by ccnncc99 April 4, 2003
It means am going to have sex with you
Am gona Wya you
by Wya123 October 28, 2020