Virtual currency used in the online game, ROBLOX.
A whiny kid was begging for free robux on the forums.
by Poodle21 October 11, 2016
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A type of currency used in roblox, used to buy everything, most kids use their moms credit card to buy robux.
"Toby how much robux to you have?"
by Robloxnubownsgroupuhh123 November 15, 2017
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An ingenious way of scamming 8 year old children and their parents
Jimmy: I need robux to buy This cool skin
Mum: Only after you do your chores
Jimmy: Thnx so much
by postulating potato August 13, 2018
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A form of money in the virtual game of "Roblox". They can be purchased via app stores and also in the game. This form of money can be used to purchase clothes, hair, glasses and game passes, all within the game. They can also be used to purchase the "Roblox" game, "Bloxburg".
Kate: You NEED to purchase robux! You should join me.
Zoe: Ok! Is Bloxburg that good?
Kate: Yeah!
by lopsided cucumber July 16, 2019
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A digital currency for a Online Game named ROBLOX on which people have depressing enough lives to which they will do anything to make them happy including spending real money on an online game...
"Hey mom! Can I please buy some Robux to somehow make my life much better?"
by Scummydude239 September 8, 2017
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The online money use In roblox. You can purchase Robux with money or gift cards. You use it to buy hats and clothing to look “cool.”
All my cool friends have robux.
by Discomation October 31, 2017
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Basically the family friendly version of capitalism that scams kids without them even knowing.
Ivan: Hey komrade, what did you do today?
Jack: oh, i just bought $20 worth of robux today!
Ivan: you fuking western kapitalist... *downs vodka*
by radius97 February 16, 2023
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