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A heart felt girl with high ambitions. Always has a smile on her face. is the first to speak up for those who are lost in the shuffle of life. Calm Mellow Introverted yet Extroverted at the same time. She's the one you can always depend on. She's the lover you dream of, the one you crave. Caity's are beautiful in every sense of the word. Very Stylish. doesn't care what other's think. best thing that could ever pass through your life. completely unforgettable.
"Did you see the girl walking down the hall?"
"which one?"
"oh Caity, yeh she's pretty spectacular."

"I wish i was a Caity"
by lost translation August 15, 2008
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teh uber hottness, intelligent, witty, basically the best all around girl EVARRR
omgzz, that girl is so hot and caity!

i am jealous of your caity-ness.
by scarlett April 25, 2005
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Caity- A dopilicious, out going, crazy, pot head, blondie, shwdieee, just all around good person. best friend i've ever had. ALWAYS there for me. sometimes does stupid shit that's just wayyy too stupid, but she always can put people in a good mood. she's the life of the party! kinda lazy, except when she's drunk, you can always find her on the dance floor. Lots friends, and every one knows and loves her. Love you Caity!
"Fo shizzle"
"Ma cazizzle"
"in da hizzle"
Caity being gangster
by punkbands June 11, 2009
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Caity is a name of a girl who is in the cutest relationship in the world with a guy names Alex. Every one wishes they could be in a relatioship like her. She is so sweet and caring.
That girl Caity is so sweet and her relationship is anyones dream come true!
by cutypiecutie November 19, 2012
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A bitch if you have them as a sister because if you fuck up once your not gonna live it down anytime soon...But,otherwise they can be pretty spectacular sister,friend.Caitys' are very amazing and like to strut their stuff no matter who's around unless it's their bf/gf because other than amazing they can also be very awkward...socially.They are also very rare and beautiful people.
Did you see her?
She was so awkward but she is so pretty....
Oh don't worry about that.....It's just Caity.
via giphy
by Rosalia Love January 18, 2017
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