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Dumb ass bitch i talked to on aim. She is very mean. If i had her screen name, i would give it to you all, but i dont.
by lolwut484793ue3j February 20, 2005
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Like a record store but you dont have to pay 16~30 dollars per albulm!
I went to kazaa lite to get the albulm x
by lolwut484793ue3j June 26, 2004
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A term that is not advised by the W3C. Use a catch phrse instead.
for google, click here

check out the google home page!
by lolwut484793ue3j February 23, 2005
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An event that takes place to see who can stay in a chatroom for the longest for either a prize or ownership of the room.

This could mean rooms of any chat protocol that supports chat rooms. It is reccomended that you use a reliable connection such as DSL or Cable and on AIM not to use TOC.
I lost the idle war and I got 7th place.
by lolwut484793ue3j September 29, 2006
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1. Old tv network killed by techtv and g4
| R I P |
| ZDTV |
| |
We will miss and mourn you death and may you have a good time in tv network heaven.

Tech tv is going to hell
by lolwut484793ue3j February 20, 2005
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