A word used when some one is caught.
omg i got booked yesterday for...doin whatever

nigga1:where were you man, shit you missed the beef!
nigga2:i got booked for shit so na, wasn't there.
by nunovyobiz June 7, 2007
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A rare and unique phrase, believed to have been coined by an Italian in Hong Kong, that applies to anything with style and credibility.
Yo, your suspenders have got some books girly!
If someone asked me what Chuck Norris was like, I'd have to say 'He got some books!'
by DMcM December 21, 2005
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originated from the phrase, "My dicks got boogers". The phrase was then modified for unknown reasons. Mostly used in the Northeast. Probably referencing some kind of STD or genitalia-oozing ailment.
Yo sun sun, i can't believe my books got diggers, I gotta get that shit taken care of, that damn filthy snailtrail.
by Traser2g May 12, 2006
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