gives you more virus's than the U.S have dropped on vietnam.

it'll cost more to fix your computer than you'll save on songs

dont bother unless you have broadband and update your anti virus everyweekend
i even know a few hackers who dont even bother using kazaa for sending them.

summary: DONT BOTHER
nortan anti virus report: 22 virus's including kazza itself has virus's and spyware
by skatersrule March 26, 2004
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Came into the spotlight after the fall of napster
A once mighty peer to peer file sharing program, in its peak in 2000-2002 kazaa was unmatched for free music, movies, games. Today is home to viruses, trojans, fake files, traps, and porn.

There are many losers on kazaa who Intentionally host fake/re-named files.

With kazaa today, you have to search and download carefully. Sometimes when you are trying to download A Movie, you
might be disgusted to find out its actually gay porn. Or that mp3 your downloading, is actually a fake 10 second clip that is coded to track you and play an audio clip to damage your ears and speakers.
1. Hey did you finish downloading the matrix yet off kazaa?

2. Yes, but it was actually gay porn from khazakistan

1. good old kazaa!
by Rasta-Clat November 13, 2004
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A so-called "file sharing" program which is actually a great virus and fake bank, where people can freely choose their favourite virus and download it for free. Or if they want to have tons of fake files in their PC, then they have chosen the right program.
And just as if it wasn't enough, it comes with a free bonus : tons of spyware on your PC. This way, people won't have to waste their time telling to unknown people what websites they have visiting, these spyware will do it for them. Great, isn't it ?
This program is, however, not liked by those who don't like viruses, and they recommend other REAL sharing programs such as SoulSeek, eMule, Direct Connect, Overnet, and so on...
A version called Kazaa Lite exists, it has no spyware but still has the viruses and fakes.
A: 725 viruses in our virus collection ! Which are we missing ?
B: Lots... keygen.exe, for example !
A: Alright, download a fake crack from kazaa now !
by "the eurodance lover" July 17, 2006
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gives you more viruses than a dirty old diseases ridden prostitute from the back street's of thailand
hey joe wanna get a virus !

sure bob should we fuck a old prostitute
or download kazaa ?

both !
by joe bob February 13, 2005
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A highly over-rated p2p system with tons of spywear and is an easy target for the RIAA. Also a great source for virus' and very poor quality media with even worse tagging.
dood! i _|u5t KazaA! im gonna DL me sone sw33t @s5 pr0n 2nite! lolololololz rofl lmao!
by Kaji February 29, 2004
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a whole piece of shit,crap,poo and many swear words together
which will give u many virus and trojan almost 87% of downloads in kazaa are either virus or are illegal and b0rken
l33th4x0rn00b123:omg dude i found so many games like mtw 2 on kazaa!
l33th4x0rn00b123:its rare it only has 10 kb :S
proplayer:omg man u didnt knew the truth right?
l33th4x0rn00b123:what truth?
proplayer:almost 87% of kazaa downloads are either illegal or have virus
proplayer:uninstall kazaa and install an antivirus now roar
l33th4x0rn00b123 left the game
by Eagle_FTW March 30, 2008
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