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Definition A;
A character from the Beano comic who pretends to be something every issue and dresses up like it, beginning with a martian in his debut.

Definition B,
Pretentious lesbian, some bitter girl who got screwed around by some asshole so she decides that she hates all men and refuses to date another, so she announces thats shes moving onto dating girls, even though shes not actually a true lesbian.
Example A;
'That Les Pretend is such a copying bastard'
Example B;
'wah wah, I hate all men, I'm gonna go date girls now'
'pfft, yeah thats right, tar all men with the same brush, friggin Les Pretend'
by Llihp Notwen April 15, 2013

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Similiar to a one night stand,

Except being stopped halfway through and asked to leave
Man A- 'How did it go with that chick last night?'
Man B- 'Pah, it were horrible, I think my cock was too big and was hurting her, so she stopped halfway through and asked me to leave'
Man A- 'Thats weak dude, I thought she was into you too'
Man B- 'Yep, just a half-night stand for me'
by llihp notwen June 05, 2011

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A crime commited by the foulest, vilest life of form on Earth, the true definition of scum.

Little scoundrels that have nothing better to do with their sad pathetic lives than to go round using violence to steal valuble possesions of innocent people because they can't be arsed or too thick to get a job to support themselves or there crackhead girlfriend, who is also a prostitute.
Its only because their jealous that we are much more fortunate than they are and they're also insecure because they're probably from a broken home, don't know who their dad is and their mum is far too doped up on crystal meth to give a toss.

Basically, anyone caught mugging should be chained to chair in a dungeon along with a series of tools/instruments of torture and the victim has permission to torture the pathetic lowlife in the sickest way possible, whilst pointing at laughing at them whilst they're sobbing and begging for mercy.
Mr. A- Hey man, good news
Mr. B- 'sup?
Mr. A- You remember that mugging that happened to me the other day?..yeah well they caught the bastards and I got a court appearance, those fuckers are goin' down!
Mr. B- Thats awesome! I hope they get hung or something, people like that really don't deserve a chance at life
by Llihp Notwen February 22, 2013

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