A phrase that people say when people are being massive crybabies. It's one of the ways people say idgaf.
Friend: My girlfriend just broke up with me... ;(
Me: Aw, boo hoo! Nobody gives a single damn about that!
by TorrenceGaming March 7, 2017
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The term is imitation of the sound of someone crying or sobbing. It is often seen written, like in cartoon speech balloons. Less often, a person may say it aloud in an affected way to convey sadness or disappointment. Can be used sarcastically.
"Boo hoo," cried the little girl after she fell off her bike.

- OR -

"Boo hoo!" mocked the others, "Don't be such a crybaby."
by oskiwee December 6, 2004
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A tragic occurence or bad news.
Terrorist attacks are serious boo-hoos for Bush, not to mention all the resulting casualties.
by BK Artivism August 2, 2005
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She usez to be my boo. Now she'z my Boo Hoo
by Schism420 August 12, 2008
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A jew, usually a zionist, who uses his or her jewish faith/identity as a crutch or handicap by playing the part of a perpetual victim in order to recieve preferential treatment, attention, or as a means of discrediting anyone who challenges them by simply calling their opponent an anti-semite. (Hence the name boo hoo, as in, "boo hoo I'm a jew, I'm special you are not") Nearly all jewish zionists are boo hoo jews at heart. They give all jews a bad name and actually contribute to anti-semitic sentiments among non-jews. Jews who mind their own business and who don't wish to be treated differently often don't take kindly to their bullshit and will be labeled as self-hating jews by the boo hoo jews they challenge.
Rueben: How dare anyone condem the actions of Israel after all the jewish people have suffered over the years! I can't believe our prof had the balls to say that about Ariel Sharon. She is an anti-semite if I ever saw one.

Issac: Shut the fuck up you boo hoo jew, you make me sick. You make being jewish seem like a curse with your incessant bitching and masters degree in victimology.

Rueben: Anti-Semite!

Issac: I'm jewish dumb fuck!

Rueben: Ohh... ummm... Self-hating jew! What is wrong with you?

Issac: That tactic never gets old, does it?
by callingoutzionistbigots August 27, 2009
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Used in conversation to express an unsympathetic demeanor.
Boy: I feel sad. It's like we're breaking up.
Girl: Boo hoo whatever
by Liz I. and Wendy L. March 21, 2007
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