a house containing a family that is set apart due to tensions and certain problems. ex: a kid's parents constantly fight and he/she feels lonely, depressed, angry. that is a product of a broken home, who may usually get away from the problems by doing bad things (drugs,drink,etc...). broken home can range from a project in NY, a suburb, or ironically, a 5-story mansion
Papa roach made a song called 'broken home'

mariah carey was the product of a broken home
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg September 29, 2005
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A home in which one or both parents is absent due to divorce or separation; children in such an environment may be prone to antisocial behavior.

Source: Juvenile Delinquency: Theory, Practice, and Law, 12th Edition by Authors Siegel & Welsh
by nikkolaus October 7, 2015
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to forget about the unnecessary, unneeded, unuseful, stupid items or actions that one may wonder if they should use, bring, or do.
1. Mikey: Should I hang up my jeans with the holes in the crotch up in my closet?

Randy: Naw, man, just leave the broken ones at home.

2. Chester: I'm gonna get this 4,000 calorie, artery clogging meal!

Rondell: Dude, you're already fat. Just leave the broken ones at home.
by Rondell. August 26, 2009
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