The act of fuckin' a girl while she is still wearin' her knickerz, ie., pulled to the side and rubbin' on ya cock.
I got chaffed on me dick when I 'played the violin' with me girl this mornin' :/
by Safecracker G November 21, 2004
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**TW: self-harm**

Another way of saying you will "slit your wrist". To understand, hold a "playing the violin" position with your arms/hands. Now, picture the position without the violin and instead of the bow used to play the instrument, picture yourself holding something sharp with the other hand.

This saying was created after watching a scene from the movie, "Gerald's Game" where the main character "Jessie" cuts an incision up "her wrist and into her palm, then forcing her hand down through the cuff as the skin peels upward like a latex glove coming off."
when you've been so used to saying "I want to kill myself" (which might worry whoever you're talking to), you can instead say "I want to play the violin" or "I'm gonna go play the violin"

when you see something that makes you want to commit death, you'd say "This makes me want to play the violin"
by Jupiachi June 11, 2021
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Also known as playing with the cutter, playing the violin refers to the vicious motion of slicing ones wrists. Common violinists include emos, attention seekers and depressed people.
Hey David what are those cuts on your wrist? Have you been playing the violin?
by skiiim July 4, 2016
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When someone is self harming but wouldn’t like to say so directly
sorry i’m playing the violin..”
by wtvlovinggnf March 12, 2023
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a phrase used to describe a sarcastic response to self pity meaning who cares.
I'm playing my violin sad song just for you.
by Z19 May 11, 2006
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Going to the bathroom for an innocent reason (bathing, hygiene, grooming) but ending up masturbating furiously or partaking in other sexual acts often that are intense whilst in the bathroom. A verb describing hormonal boys but is not exclusive to the gender.
He went to go pee but you could hear him accidentally playing the violin.
Billy used to frequently accidentally play the violin but now he mostly does it in public.
"I'm going to the bathroom now." "OK but be careful to not to accidentally play the violin"
by Maxim Bovich Afonin April 17, 2018
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Playing the violin with your wrist and a blade is a term used by people who cut themselves that don't want to to know what they're on about. Usually its just called "Playing the Violin" but when used around other cutters they use the full term.
Person 1: "I heard that she played the violin last night."
Person 2: "Yeah, using her wrist and a blade! I hope she's alright.
Person 1: "Playing the Violin with Your Wrist and a Blade can be dangerous, but it helps her get through the tough times."
by Nightmare Zodiac January 9, 2011
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