In live theatre, where all the lights are dimmed to a complete wordblackout/word
Standby, fade to black
by Keenmachine September 8, 2003
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1. To die, especially by suicide.
2. To exit.

Origins: The fadeout at the end of motion pictures. Popularized in the 80's, as a term for suicide, by the band Metallica in the song "Fade To Black".
Some days I feel so bad, I just want to fade to black.
by tlc September 1, 2003
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"life it seems, will fade away
drifting further every day...."
by phred October 28, 2004
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A classic way to end a scene in cinema editing in which the screen image becomes increasingly obscured until it turns black. It has the advantage of being less abrupt than a simple cut.
The scene where it fades to black while they're kissing - you know what happened next!
by Hereward August 29, 2003
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