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Acronym: "Seat Of The Pants"

Used to describe automotive performance upgrades while posting messages on automotive forums. It reflects how performance upgrades actually "feel" to the driver.
I just added a turbo to my car and the sotp is phenominal!

I changed my exhaust system to a high performance version but noticed little, to no sotp.
by larry January 2, 2004
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Where you:
1. Send an inappropriate SMS to a wrong number. The recipient of the message doesn't always need to be subject of it but can still cause problems through threats of blackmail, extortion etc.

2. Your significant other reads an inappropriate TXT message on your phone. May or may not be related to your cheating, whorish behaviour.

1. I never knew I had Jeff's number until I tried to send a message telling James what a wanker he is.

2. I'm in a bit of an SM-Mess after Claire found some recent correspondence between me and my dealer after I promised her I would quit.
by larry March 31, 2008
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to get embarrassed horribly

origins: San Anselmo, CA, THE CHAMBER
wow zack zentner just got rubbed down!
by larry July 30, 2004
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That spot between the balls and the ass
"Wow, my chode is really hurting."
by larry May 17, 2003
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The area between the family jewels and the family brown eye.
My chode has poop hanging off it, and the poop is starting to cause rashes and pimples. I should clean my chode.
by larry September 10, 2003
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