89 definition by larry

#1. Word used to describe something that is the exact opposite of good.

#2. Word used to describe someone you really hate because they are much more than just annoying.

#3. Word used to describe someone who has some talent or intelligence or privilage that you are jealous of.
#1. The holocaust was evil

#2. I hate my math teacher so much. She's EVIL!

#3. That is one beautiful piece of artwork, you have so much talent. You're evil!
by Larry April 08, 2004

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The symbol of anti-masturbation.
as seen in: "Everytime you mastrubate, god kills a kitten."
by Larry November 23, 2004

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An awesome Hardcore punk ska band from new York.
Choking Victim is the best
by Larry May 16, 2003

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A county on the northern border of the Bronx, NY. Unlike Long Island, Westchester Co. seems to span everything from urban to rural whereas Long Island is more solidly and consistently suburban.
Example! Example!
by Larry February 28, 2004

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A mud shovel is the term used to describe any long, hard tool that is used to perform anal sex.
Baby, open the gates to your brown barrier so I can dig for sump'n wit mah mud shovel.
by Larry December 04, 2003

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One who is rich or in a position of high power but chooses to mingle or associate himself with lowerclass people. This term is usually issued to the person by his or her peers whom are also rich or in powerful positions.
I find it absolutely amazing that a self made billionair, such as Greg, would voluntarily be a citizen dildo.
by Larry March 26, 2004

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shoes, sneakers
new jordans? i love those kickz
by larry January 01, 2004

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