slang term for tyte ass shoes, usually referring to basketball shoes; can also be used to describe other shoes
dayum those are some nice kickz
by Anonymous February 9, 2003
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them kickz is going bannana that mean they some throw ass shoes.
this from your boy jason n. a.k.a. fats/nickles
hold them kickz down because they bannana buck wild.
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A sort of greeting or joke to confuse people it doesn’t mean anything
Yo bruv gimme your kickz
by Joe.ast493 July 10, 2017
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Benjamin Kickz, or Benjamin Kapelushnik, currently 17 year old professional sneaker reseller, sells top of the line shows such as Yeezys, Jordan, etc. Practically magic how he can even get all these shoes. Basically copyrighted the word "Boomin" with his famous response "Business is Boomin" which grew popular when one of his celebrity clients, DJ Khaled popularized him saying the phrase over SnapChat. Many people try to copy this sang, even Antonio Brown, but nobody can do it like Ben. His sneaker business, The SneakerDon, is located out of Miami and sells at . He started his own clothing which sells out within minutes and even had a huge Pop Up shop in NYC with the clothing line featuring Kanye West on a hundred dollar bill and replacing "United States of America" with "Boomin States of America". He is a millionaire and wears hype clothing brands like Supreme, GoYard, Bape, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Gucci, Balmain, Yeezy, and most importantly his own "Boomin" apparel. He grew up in Miami and is the coolest teenager ever!
Benjamin Kickz is the plug!
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