89 definition by larry

Unused section of edge of tire tread on sport motorcycle indicating how much or little of lean angle in cornering used by rider.
He rides like a pussy. Big pussy strip on his tires.
by Larry March 07, 2004

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a girl having nice legs like the famous street fighter 2 character.
"damn that girl is chun-li-in over there"
by Larry December 03, 2003

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Website and premier free gay canadian porn spot for gamers.
Dood did you check out insertcredit?
by larry March 28, 2005

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stong person who atrracts the female gender.

Someone who no one wants to fuck with.
Man Buff Larry got all the ladies.

Buff Larry Beat The Shit Outta Him!
by Larry February 26, 2005

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mum i like to fuck orginated from, american pie.

also as braunys mum
u-oi braun man ya mums a miltf
braun-fuck you man your dead
by larry May 24, 2004

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One that has to ask Deb permission before anyhting
Deb can I play golf with the Boys on Friday
by Larry July 28, 2003

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similar to the Hot Carl... except the dung is very runny from the amount of alcohol consumed the night before
Oh man....that was hilarious when you gave that girl the Hot Curt!! It was going all over the place.
by Larry May 13, 2004

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