One who is so incredibly gay they make Elton John look like Fabio. Relative to flaming queer and flaming fag.
You are such a fucking flaming homo no wonder no one likes you.
by Nathan Hulsey October 17, 2006
Someone unbelievably incredibly gay...also includes some narcissists
Guy 1: Did you see the guy on facebook last night?

Guy 2: Yeah he had like 47 profile pictures

Guy 1: What a flaming homo
by No.57 February 10, 2009
1. A gay person who blatantly fits a bunch of gay stereotypes.

2. A gay person with a flamethrower.
Person 1: Yeah that dude always wears short shorts what's up with that?
Person 2: Oh he's just a flaming homo.

Soldier: Shit they got flaming homos run! *runs*
by Rando Enby December 8, 2020
One who has no friends and is widely considered a "wothless piece of shit," and looks similar to animals such as a turtle.
by Coppell January 14, 2005
When a person is beyond the level of homo thus making him a flaming homo
by bigtick February 5, 2011
a extreamly gay guy who you just lit on fire and pushed off a hill and is falling to his udder doom!
a guy walks into his friends house smelling like fire and gay guys and turns to his friends and says
"dude before john was a homo, now hes a Flying Flaming Homo!!"
by himom June 18, 2008