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Same as mighty , strongand united
Used when saying something is too great to defeat.
this is a Nombliz war, we don't stand a chance.
by Larry July 5, 2003
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A small creature like beast; The epitome of all animals with small bodys and abnormally large, massive heads in comparison.
The boys in the cafeteria used to scream boose head at people
by Larry December 17, 2004
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usually refering to raymonds long skiny legs.
legs without any shape or colour
jus long bone with some skin
dude cheak out rays stilts in those boardies
by Larry May 24, 2004
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Unit of scientific measure used to express anything and everything. It is as the mol, only more inclusive.
There are 13 shoja of words in that carton of ice cream.
by Larry October 16, 2004
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stong person who atrracts the female gender.

Someone who no one wants to fuck with.
Man Buff Larry got all the ladies.

Buff Larry Beat The Shit Outta Him!
by Larry February 27, 2005
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