90 definitions by Larry

Mat is a flaming homo who loves the cock and he is a loner who leeches of
Larry: o shit mats coming lets leave
he might try to stick it in our butts.
by Larry April 13, 2005
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mum i like to fuck orginated from, american pie.

also as braunys mum
u-oi braun man ya mums a miltf
braun-fuck you man your dead
by Larry May 24, 2004
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stuff that me and/or my friends invented like family guy or "being random"

origins: San Anselmo, CA, THE CHAMBER
man noah watches so many moldy tv shows
by Larry July 29, 2004
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da buffest gals u can get.
fine booty big tits and sweet
damn dat latina is fine!!!!!!
by Larry October 02, 2003
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oxycotton-a morphine based drug that proves to be exstreamlly deadly when abused.
i had a really close friend of mine overdose on the drug this past saturday
by Larry November 12, 2003
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