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Tupac the greatest rapper to ever live. Thoughts he is stil alive. R.I.P

You cannot compare his musical talents to anyone else, he was a new meaning to hip hop.
"got the police busting at me, but they can't do nothing to a G"
"Thug life baby, i probably be punished for hard living.. police be rushing when they see me."
by Lacey June 17, 2004

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Victoria's Secret is that she really buys her underwear from Walmart.
"Let's go buy some extremely overpriced g-strings at Victoria's Secret."
by lacey May 07, 2005

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German name sometimes pronounced as "gay-ho." Gero is carefree, funny, laid back, and great to be around. His physical attractiveness is only upstaged by his quick wit, personality, and frequent jokes.

Synonyms for Gero: keeper, sexy, wonderful, silly German
Gero, you will be called staff 1 :)
by Lacey December 10, 2004

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1. a response in agreement with someone
2. a football playin, drinkin in the forest, sophomore girl rapin, in the closet jock
1. Wanna go get fahkin faced dood?
Yah, dood!
2. Check out those yah doods over there gettin fahkin faced.
by lacey March 25, 2004

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It means basicly the same thing as "Oh shit" or "fuck a duck". Not intended to be used in a sexual way.
haley: "well shit mom i spilled my drink!"

jo ann:"Well fuck me dead"
by lacey February 14, 2005

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To organize a planned scheme that will fuck someone over.
I will organfuckise that bitch for good.
by Lacey December 12, 2004

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A guy who is ugly yet hotter than hell. A guy who you don't exactly think looks good or fine, but has this sense of hotness to him. Something that attracts you to him other than just his looks. In this case - John Mayer's voice and lips. WOO HOO
The singing artist....John Mayer
by Lacey April 18, 2005

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