An ecstatic, exciting point in your trip where your cross the lines of reality and illusion on your way to another zone or realm.

Def.2 Twisting, bending, contorting an object in unusual and unbelievable ways to obtain a goal.
Dude, did you see that sound and hear that color? That was trippindicular!

That girl sure can position her body in some trippindicular ways!

It sure is trippindicular how that cat can lick it's own butt!
by Formbizzle March 8, 2008
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when something is trippin to the point where you get a which point you feel the need to have sex with the first thing you see
guy1- i just got done watching spongebob for three hours now im hard

guy2 - thats Trippindicular my friend

hooker1- i can help ya with that

guy1- already inside u
by Venix13 January 4, 2010
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possibly the greatest band ever to have formed out of petoskey michigan.
man 1 - "what? trippindicular is playing tonight?"
man 2 - "yeah you dumb fuck."
man 1 - "I think I just creamed myself."
by ben08537 June 7, 2009
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a word that describes being so tired that u start seeing or hearing shit that isn't there and ur not sure if u like it or hate it
dude once i stayed up for like 72 hours solid playing PS3 and started seeing people in my room and they were talking to me and they were't even there. it was so trippindicular.
by nocturnalfreak1080 November 12, 2011
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A person that has severe attitude on all issues and everbody.
A person that trips all kinds of ways on people.
Damn Sue Sue is always snappinging her ass is trippindicular,
by Dottie Harper March 8, 2006
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