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cheap, Wal-mart type marijuana. named for the shape of the package it comes in when smuggled through the Mexican border.
Sell me mexican brick for 300 dollars an OZ again and ill stab your eyes out with a rusty spoon
by kill yourself please October 7, 2005
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The red outline on a persons body (usually forehead) left by a heavy slapping of a man's penis. This is the result where said victim has ran their mouth too much, didn't give head, or passed out drunk.
I gave that bitch so many mushroom marks that her forehead looked like the background of a smurfs episode.
by kill yourself please October 5, 2005
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A. pose where someone who should be doing something more constructive but just stands there being a worthless maggot
B. Not taking advantage of a situation

Also a good chorus to a song:*slow depressing beat*
Standing with a dick in his hand
nobody understands
why he's standing *beat beat*
standing with a dick in his hand

song is usually sung after someone claims that someone is standing around with a dick in their hand.
Bill Horton: God dammit stop standing around with a dick in your hand and get back to work.
Me: that fine girl was smiling at me but all i could do was stand around with my dick in my hand.
by kill yourself please October 3, 2005
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the perfect emoticon for when there need be no words written. Go fuck yourself.
n00b1: hahaha i saw you make out with that fat chick last night
you: ,!,,
by kill yourself please December 7, 2005
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A great girl/girlfriend who wakes you up before you need to get up by sucking your big fat cock every morning. BJ Rooster works fine as well
Me: man that girl ive been seeing is such a Blow Job rooster. Everday at 7:55am.
Your Dad: stop fucking my wife.
by kill yourself please October 2, 2005
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Hillbilly state west of Virginia. Filled with many white kids who have no access to any culture except for mtv which causes them all to act black. see whigger. The rest of the population is uneducated communist hippie-fucks who also only listen to rap music but hug trees at the same time. The parents of these are nascar loving, meth-smoking, pill popping, wal-mart shopping, mullet sporting, rednecks whose only source of income is welfare which all goes to buy budlight and maybe to replace the turn signals on their mobile home. see walmart
cultured person: hey man how was your trip to Dub-V?
cultured person 2: ...
by kill yourself please October 2, 2005
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