•A large, robust penis in width and height. Typically larger than the average penis ranging anywhere form 7 to 12 inches in length 4 to 8 inches width.

•a term incredibly horny people use when feeling frisky.
•Oh my god, he had a big fat cock, my pussy is tore up!

•give me that big fat cock and shove it in my pussy u til I cum.
by $ young money November 28, 2014
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Women are only a place to stick these.
To pretend a women is more than a big fat cock holster would be a waste of time. If they aren't going to fuck you then what are you to them? Nothing. Inferior to the fat cock they will fuck. Then tell men how they (Women) should be treated? Stupid. Why should I not harass the shit out of you? Real. What is one good reason? I can't think of one. It ridiculous to me that you think I should do anything other then treat women who think I'm inferior with contempt.
by Hym Iam December 19, 2020
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This is either someone who is big and fat that sucks cock or someone who sucks big fat cocks.
Guy 1: Man I just got approached by a big fat cock sucker. Guy 2: Oh man what did you do? Guy 1: What else, I got my cock sucked.
by jimmybomm August 17, 2021
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I don't think it matters.

You know it matters but you don't care because you're not the one that has to be a second class citizen. Big fat cocks are all that matter and you're a whore.
by Hym Iam August 7, 2021
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If u look this up ur either gay or on heroine.
Man I'm really gay I could really use a big fat cock in my rectum
by Coolguy288 November 26, 2016
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The dude with the big fat cock that you fuck and tell yourself "It's not just the big fat cock" but come on; it's the big fat cock. Look, you are trained from a young age to lie and say "No. It's other things. Stuff other than big floppy ding dongs matter to me". But it doesn't. It's just the huge thick dick. 100%. You can admit it. We're in your mental mind right now so it will be out little secret. It's the big fat cock. It feels good in your puasy and really all you care about is getting the giant robust shlong inside of you. I know it. You know it. Why pretend? Well, obviously, because men without big fat cocks will stop giving you thing and doing things for you islf you actually admit to what you believe (Which is that men without big fat cocks are inferior). Why is this so? Because subconsciously you want to pass on traits to your kids that will increase the likelihood of reproduction. A big fat cock means women will throw themselves at your son and his reproduction will be assured. So you fuck the massive girthy meat kabob. Regardless of the situation. No relationship required. And then you lie about it. But not to yourself. That's the problem with lying. You can't do it to yourself.
by Hym Iam November 29, 2020
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