A talentless country singer famous for that "Achy Breaky Heart" song. Used to grow one of the biggest mullets to prove how much of a lowlife he is. Recently wrote a song called "I Want My Mullet Back" as well!

Nowadays he's best known for being the father of the equally talentless Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana.
I've finally got my own TV show coming out as a replacement show this fall...It's a half-hour weekly show that I will be hosting, entitled "Let's Hunt and Kill Billy Ray Cyrus"

-Bill Hicks
by Deathgrind > you May 4, 2008
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Billy Ray Cyrus is a Kentucky singer-songwriter, actor, and country music star. He is only 46 and has produced 2 children of the famous variety. Trace Cyrus guitarist and singer for the band Metro Station and Miley Cyrus the annoying little singer that is the queen of Disney.
It is incomprehensible to link Trace Cyrus as to being Billy Ray's son.
Billy Ray is also an annoying man and his daughter was obviously beaten with an fugly stick.
Metro Station Fan: "OMG! TRACE CYRUS IS SO HAWT."
Friend of Fan: "...You know his dad's Billy Ray Cyrus..."
Metro Station Fan: -head explodes-
by anonymousISlegionx August 20, 2008
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An infectious disease only known to infect celebrity parents. The infected celebrity is usually an unknown, or washed-out celebrity who will soon force their children into stardome in order to help the parent to become famous again. The disease is named after singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus who is best known for mooching off daughter Miley Cyrus's fame. He is now trying to get his other children famous for one of two reasons:
1. When Miley stops being famous, he can rely on his other children to keep him famous
2. He wants more money
The Billy Ray Cyrus disease is also known to infect such celebrities as Will Smith, and the parents of the Jonas brothers. Some celebrites who have been showing symptoms of the disease are Bradgelina. The symptoms of the Billy Ray Cyrus disease include:
1. increased dependency on your children for both financial, and fame reasons. This can result in allowing your kids to do anything they please in fear of getting cut off from your money supply
2. Quitting your job to mooch off your children's earnings
3. slowly lower your manhood by doing anything you can to be famous which includes exploiting your southern routes by partaking in a Disney channel show
4. always forgiving your children for the terrible things they do. It is highly common for the infected person to try all they can to convince people that whatever terrible things their child did was not bad.

There are only a few known cures for the Billy Ray Cyrus are the following:
1.Let your child do what they want and stay out of the spotlight for a couple of years
2. Punish your child for doing something wrong. It will give you a sense of power rather than being at your child's feet for money
Ex-celebrity: I'm thinking of auditioning my child for the upcoming Disney movie
friend: Dude I think you got Billy Ray Cyrus disease
by Annemermaid1995 August 30, 2009
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That country singer that made that one song. But most people know him because he gave life to that disgusting thing that thinks it makes people happy when it shakes its ass.
Child 25 years in the future: Dad, who is Billy Ray Cyrus?
Child: I said who is Billy Ray Cyrus?
Father: Oh sorry, I had a minor aneurysm when I heard the name "Cyrus".
by John O'Reilly is a tool October 6, 2013
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A nick-name of masturbating. You go home and shut the door, turn some Billy Ray Cyrus on and go to town.
Right when I got home I went up to my room and Billy Ray Cyrused it!
by Alaskan907 March 21, 2011
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To cry over the disappointment of one’s son/daughter.
Guy:Oh man I sat up all night pulling a Billy Ray Cyrus.”

Wife: “Don’t think about our daughter that way.”

Guy:”huh, sorry.”
by Go commit not feelings so good January 13, 2019
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