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Horton is a word to describe people who are large in the pants.
Boy1: look at that guy he's not even hung and its bigger than mine.
Boy2: yeah he's a Horton .
by hortino4 January 24, 2008
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Happy Horton feels really happy when he's horny and got it goin on. He honks his horny horn at whory hairy homo hookers who hop around the room. He happily eats his Hostess HoHos at Hooters. The End.
by Gigglehead May 07, 2008
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The refuse to bathe/shower and make no attempt of hygene. The term ‘A horton’, originated around 1789-1792, which was referred to the French throughout the entirety of the French Revolution. The ancient term has died through time, yet is still rarely today, otherwise by such sophisticated individuals.
English Man: “Oh, look at the dirty French chap over in the distance
English Man: “Oh, look at that Horton over in the distance”
by JuanCena123 September 25, 2017
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1. Horton (noun)is derived from the Argentinean slang word orto, meaning ass.
2. It can also represent an angry and boisterous person.
3. It can also be employed not for its definition but because of its euphonic pronunciation. It is employed in many contexts.
4. Names or surnames related to this word are purely coincidental, and are not in any way tied.
5.Females that belong to horton qualities but also deserve to be insulted are called whoretons.
1. a. He has a very large horton.
b. what a horton!
2. He is such a horton!
3. Oh, horton.
by MartinDasso April 02, 2009
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Any human being with questionable gender who claims to "hang low" but obviously doesn't even hang.

sometimes these creatures put helpless men under a love spell so they can mate and reproduce these awkward beings with questionable social status. They go along living in society but heed the warning signs,
"Hortons hang low", while in bed absence of any reproductive parts.
Whoopi Goldberg is a type of Horton
by Konquatts June 23, 2011
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An un-circumcised penis.
"girl you seen his dick yet"
"mm girl yes, this boy has a horton!!"
"damn a horton!?"
"dick lookin like it just heard a who!"
by Dr.sous December 21, 2013
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Horton is a shit-hole village in North Staffordshire, England. Most people from Horton either:
A/ Live there all their life and never know anything better, or
B/ Get out of there as soon as f*cking possible and try to purge the place from their memories.
"Aye up, where're you from?"
"Of right, that's why you stink of slurry then"
by smaugleroin April 25, 2009
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