name givin to machine gunners in vietnam. because the sound of a machine gun would usually wake everyone up in the morning. in an ambush or blocking position the machine gunner was always supposed to fire first.

also machine gunners where called this because they sometimes fought out of fortified positions like nests. hence rooster nest.
"man the rooster in my squad got like ten confirmed kills today"
by cyclic rooster April 24, 2009
To rooster means to play your music very loudly while driving with your windows down. Much like a rooster crowing loudly to everyone around. Also common to do this early in the morning to act as a rooster and wake others up.
person 1: "Damn dude, I woke up at six today.!"
person 2: " right? It was Jason going around our neighborhood roostering!"
by regretful taco May 18, 2015
Also known as Cock, a Rooster is an exterier organ of the male
by Murph January 6, 2004
(Slang): A pimp.
That guy is such a rooster. Look at all his chicks!
by Accordion December 12, 2010
1 The stupid fucking cunt of a bird that crows next to the door every fucking morning.
2 the stupid bird that attacks you for no reason and squawks at any fucking thing it does'nt like.
That fucking cunt of a rooster is crowing outside the door again. Stop squarking you useless fucking rooster.
by Strayan cunt December 20, 2019
She is such a rooster! Cock-a-doodle doo any cock will do!
by DJ DCL December 31, 2010