438 definition by kevin

SFW (adj): An acronym meaning "sexy in a friend way."
Peter: Hello, Joan.
Joan: Hey!
Peter: I think that you're very SFW, Joan.
Joan: Why thank you. You're quite SFW yourself.
by Kevin March 18, 2005

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-a response to something that makes you cry
Shaniqua: You're stupid
Bob: qq
by Kevin December 22, 2003

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to waste time2.doing noyhing just daydreaming or some shit like that
Whatcha doing my dizzle???
Just pissing in the wind fella!!!!!!
by Kevin February 04, 2004

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The dumbass LSU fans.
I beat up some coonass at last year's game at that hole called Tiger Stadium.
by Kevin July 26, 2004

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