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A suzuki sport bike, series GSXR. Includes the GSXR-600, GSXR-750, GSXR-1000, GSXR-1100, and the Ultimate GSXR-1300 also referred to as Hayabusa.
Did you see that gixxer wheelie past us?

Pronounced JIXX-ERR
by AllWheelBoost July 18, 2003
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"Gixxer" is the easier way of pronouncing GSX-R. It's one of the baddest line of sport bikes around. Gixxers are too often bought by people who have little or no motorcycle-riding experience. Many people have gotten hurt or killed because they can't handle a bike of this magnitude. Only 1% (if not less) of those who ride Gixxers can actually use them to their full potential.
That guy with the Gixxer 1000 thought he was fast, until he brought his bike to a race track and had his ass handed to him by EX500s.
by Wisdom! March 05, 2004
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n- slang for Suzuki GSXR-a motorcycle of a type known as "sportbikes", "crotch rokets", or "superbikes", characterized by a remarkable ability to attain high speeds (145-210+ mph)and to manuver at these speeds. -competing in a market with the Honda CBR, Yamaha FZR, and Kawasaki ZX-R.
GSXr 1000, GSXR 750, GSXR 600
by OnyxO August 28, 2004
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gixxer is a motorcycle gxs-r 1000, gsx-r 750, gsx-r 600 and other gsx-r...
im a gixxerchick, gsx-r enthusisast
by gixxerChick October 04, 2003
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the word that means GSX-R, a suzuki supersport bike. Also, the fast four letter on the planent.
Wow, that gixxer 750 smoked that R1.
by removebe4flight October 16, 2003
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