A mullet walks by wearing hotpants and tie dye. You look to your friend and say, "HFS."
by Jacob November 12, 2003
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abbreviation for Holy Fuck Shit; used when there is something utterly mind blowing or scary
Teacher- we are going to have a 1000000 point test today!

by jillybaylovu March 8, 2010
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Short for holy fucking shit. It is used widely among gamers and was started by a Deven in Mifflinville Pennsylvania. It is used in cases where you are very excited or taken back by something
"HFS! Did you see that shot. I can't believe that. I am the king!"
by Deven Young May 10, 2005
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Holy Fucking Shit. Used to express surprise or anything else that deserves a 'holy fucking shit!'
Example 1: (Random clickbait bs) This man jumped from the peak of Mt. Everest, landed on his face, and lived!
Comments section: hfs that's crazy!
by freddymcbob February 7, 2016
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HFS: NOUN- acronym for Ho Fo Sho, or Ho For Sure depending on your nationality. HFS allows the speaker to say "Ho Fo Sho" without letting people around them know their intended words.
Steve:"I hooked up with that chick, Pamela last night."
Tom:"sweet. isn't she an HFS?"
Steve:"Yeah, but whatever she is hot as hell. i feel bad for the guy after me, he got sloppy eighths.
by J-MONEY123456 August 25, 2010
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An acronym meaning "High-Five Situation."
Jessica just gave me a hug! HFS, man!

by Mostly Awesome February 18, 2009
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Ho Fo Sho otherwise known as a Whore. also maybe a slut or skank.
Conversation between Tom and Jerry
Tom: "Yo Jerry u see that HFS over there?"
Jerry: "Yea dude that chick is such a ho fo sho!"
by Garrett Martin February 6, 2008
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