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The muff, the vagina, the pussy.
Michelle said her cooda was irritated after the constant pounding I gave it this weekend
by ken taylor December 03, 2004

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A mystical extra terrestrial being, who visits motel rooms by night, casting spells that put women to sleep in a rigid, catatonic fetal position, making it impossible for the guy, who sprung for the room, to score a piece of ass. The spell is only broken by daylight or checkout time, upon which the woman awakens in a non-horny, pissed off, "drive me home now", state.
"I shoulda not did the movie and just fed Elaine, cause by the time I got her to the modie, and got her naked, the grim sleeper came by, and it was lights out til my four hours were up".
by ken taylor December 27, 2004

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The male act of placing the penis in either a feamale's asscrack or between the breasts, and achieving an orgasm. Beneficial to both parties in that the male gets his rocks off and the female does not have to worry about swallowing anything or pregnancy.
Jada's in college and she don't want any kids right now, and she don't give head, but if she didn't let me play tucky fucky, I'd drop her like a bad habit
by ken taylor December 28, 2004

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In the game of marbles, the positioning of the clenched hand, with the thumb inverted into the clenched fingers, which propels a marble toward the target group of marbles. So called because of the hand resembling the common masturbation technique utilized by men, and because of the thumbs insertion into the "hole" resulting from the clenched position of the hand and fingers.
When I was a shorty, I was the Fucker Knuckle champion of the block.
by ken taylor January 02, 2005

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A girl bearing a slight resemblance to the obviously alluded to hip hop/rap star, who upon up close inspection turns out to be an overweight, Stinky, gold digging, maladjusted, idiot facimile thereof.
I met this girl at the mall that looked like Missy, but after she tried to Gank me for my paycheck by letting me see and smell her funky coochie, she turned out to be more like Pissy Elliott.
by ken taylor December 14, 2004

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The simple act of being unemployed,or being financially challenged or just plain broke as a joke. Theory being that it is impossible to enjoy yourself without any ends, finance, or money.
Damn, I'm gonna be broke this weekend, looks like I'm in the unenjoyment line til next payday.
by ken taylor December 06, 2004

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1. Bruce Wayne's faithful Ward, who was Batman's sidekick, until his untimely death in either a comic book or one of those crap ass Batman movies.

2. A fellow that balls all the ladies
he can, leaving none for his friends.
1. Dick Grayson lived with Bruce Wayne and Aunt harriet at stately Wayne Manor.

2. What? you balled Carolyn? Even though I was hitting on her? Damn! you're a real Dick Grayson!
by ken taylor December 14, 2004

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