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To say something sucks or that someone is an asshole. Also can be used alone.
You're such a crap ass for cheating on your girlfriend.

Crap ass!
by Jillster June 15, 2003
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use similar to that of "crap":
1. to describe a shitty object/person/situation/whatever
2. as an outburst of annoyedness

it was invented by me! not hannah, because i don't know her and i've been saying it for a long time! or possibly simultaneously.

1. "that's SUCH a crapass band. and so overrated, like u2."
2. "CRAPASS! i'm the biggest moron ever and just stepped in dog poo... again."
by Sanne December 25, 2005
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when toilet paper has not completely removed the crap from your ass. The resulting crap ass condition will leave you with an irritated bung, causing you to walk funny.
While john was hiking in the mountains, he came down with a bad case of crap ass, and had to resort to using a leaf.
by greg September 30, 2003
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slang used in a derogatory manner referring to a person, place, or thing.
"Dude that guy is such a total crap ass for not going to the movies with you."
"That new cell phone was so crap ass because it broke right away!"
"That new restaurant is such crap ass, everything tastes really bad and is way overpriced!"
by BetsyD November 20, 2005
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sucking, a lot. Lots and lots of sucking. Not good. Hannah made up the word to describe a feeling that didn't have a word. Comes from crap and ass
My *crapass* computer keeps crashing.
by Hannah Banana )()\( December 29, 2004
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A word used hen something totally sucks and things arent going the way you planned.
Uhhhhh this is so crap-ass I've been stuck on this stupid ride for an hours
by HedCandy November 23, 2007
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