A reference to your car. However, it must be a Lamborghini so don't be a bitch and refer to your mommas caravan as a Bruce Wayne.
Matt: I been had hoes in my Bruce Wayne.

Blair: You need to skype that shit next time cat!
by Big Cat 1 January 17, 2013
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When your parents are killed and you have to live with an elderly parent
Man, Jason got Bruce Wayned last night.
Damn, hope is he okay.
by sexybeast8008 October 7, 2016
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Billonaire playboy, he dates movie stars and supermodels. He lives a superficial meaningless life. For some reason all the other definitions on this site think that he is The Dark Knight, but think about it; why would a billionaire playboy like him devote his nights to beating up Gotham's criminals?
Guy 1: So who do you think the caped crusauder is?

Guy 2: I think it's Bruce Wayne. Think about it; right after he comes back to Gotham a well-equiped vigalante starts cleaning up the streets. I mean who else could afford the equipment Batman uses.

Guy 1: You think that billonaire playboy is the Batman? You're dumber than you look. I think the Batman is that new D.A. Who's been cleaning up the streets.
by Bruce Thomas Wayne September 19, 2009
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The richest and most respected man in Gotham City. He is also the dark knight known as Batman.
I'm so glad they created a clinic to help Bang Babies! And it's sponsored by Wayne Industries!
by DanMat6288 May 24, 2005
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Residing in Gotham City, billionaire Bruce Wayne is a well respected socialite, philanthropist, and owner of the multinational conglomerate, Wayne Enterprises. He is often known for donating millions of dollars a year to charity and trusts, yet is also seen in the public eye as little more than a playboy and a prominent bachelor. Dating movie stars, buying things that aren't for sale, and so forth. But, little do people know that Wayne maintains this facade so that nobody will expect that he is in fact Gotham City's nocturnal avenger, the Batman.
"All this, it's not me. I am more..." --Bruce Wayne
by clowmanus August 14, 2005
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Billionaire with weird chin tan.
Person 1: Wtf is up with Bruce Wayne's chin tan?

Person 2: ... I don't know
by Froggity November 24, 2020
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easy...he's the dark knigh...aka batman!
Whoops, I just spoiled who Bruce Wayne really is!
by World Domination February 10, 2005
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