The act in which one inserts there nose up another's anus in order to gain there approval, thus resulting in a brown complexion on the tip of their nose. The use of 'brown nose' is generally metaphorical however can also adopt a literal meaning.
'dude, youre such a brown nose'
'i know man, i just want his approval'
by joshco95 November 12, 2013
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1) Someone who sucks up to you to gain your favor. This is done by doing stuff for you for no apparent reason, laughing at stuff you do that wasn't suppose to be funny, agreeing with everything you say, etc...

2)Also known as the TEACHER'S PET or ASS KISSER.
Eating pussy is like dealing with the mafia: One wrong move and your in deep shit!
by Joshiro007 February 24, 2003
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Someone who 'suck up'. He is a person of low or irrelevant technical standing wishing to distinguish himself by his presence and input at meetings for which he has a minimal or no understanding. Complimenting and Agreeing with senior staff and their poorly thought-out plans is the typical implementation of this position. The position is typically advertised under a job-pseudonym.
Look how Brown Nose sucks up to The Man in Beige! He makes me sick!
by pipistrone October 27, 2004
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A kiss ass who sucks up to a person in authority to rise through the ranks faster then his peers and his boss
Tovakinpi Toshikhan is such a brown nose.
by A loyal Hapan April 11, 2008
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to suck up or kiss ass. the term BROWN nose is because your nose is up there ass as you're kissing it, if that makes any sense.
John is a total brownnoser because he is always sucking up to the teacher.

John likes to brown nose in english class, because he needs a b etter grade and won't just do the work.
by awink February 27, 2006
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1. To suck up or be very nice to your boss or teacher to earn special treatment.

2. To pull down your pants and shove someone's nose into your anal cavity, leaving the tip covered in shit. (Should be done after taking a poop. Not wiping also produces better results.)
1. "Dammit! Johnson wouldn't have gotten that raise if he wasn't such a brown nose."

2. "Ha, Tim was such an asshole yesterday that today on the bus, I gave him a brown nose."
by Pepé March 21, 2005
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Some one who sucks up to another or ass kiss's
B;your look good today oh ur so clever
a:errrr yea
by A*B November 25, 2002
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